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beautiful day

Hi Campers,
What a lovely warm day today for sitting in the sun. I got to take a wee break by the bell tent today and check out the river. Its waters were a bit low but beautiful none the less. Its a full site tonight but still very peaceful .I notice the lawn needs a mow again, but am reluctant as I dont want to disturb the peace plus it would be daft zig zaging in and out of the campers pitches. So longish grass is there to stay for the weekend at least.

Chalet 2 which we dont use for clients has the birds nesting in the roof again. They have been doing this for the past few years. At the end of each year I go to fix it so they cant go in. It gets freezing and I want to set up some kind of hot perch for them outside with a shelter their poor little legs must get frozen. But of course I dont set that up. One year I will get something sorted but until then. I have decided to leave them in the loft of the chalet/reception. Talk about the phrase bats in your belfry . I got tits in my loft.! I love to watch them pop in and out. and know they have a warm place to stay when it gets cold. Guess you could say I have a loft avary . Not sure it will do the loft any good but I will sort that out when I get them a winter external warm perch sorted.
Enjoy your stay and dont forget to check out the yellow hut by the car park to see the birds in the loft.
Blessings Deborah


Hi all,
Well today is another beautiful sunny day on site. We started collecting together the flower boxes and pieces to make the garden around the yurt. My friend has made some real beautiful boxes so we have some more colour for around the site. The clan are coming down mid May so we hope to get started on it then. I am very excited to see what wild life this will bring in.For sure it will certainly be a place of peace and relaxation and with the creativity of the clan who are very cleaver and highly creative I am sure it will be a lovely sight to see. I have some lovely ideas too for the space so it will be very healing. I hope to have various herbs so anyone on site can pop in and use them to make a herbal tea. of mint or lemon etc.

The weekend it will be back to painting and other jobs if the sun is out again.

Blessings and see you all soon.


Well we had a good singalong Sunday, and today we seem to have twice as many bunnies. One was determined to get into the big tin shed. Guess it is into heavy metal. :-)
Its been a nice peacful day with some dry sunny and also rainy spells.
The strawberry plants are coming along nice , as yet the bunnies have not seen them or I think they would have eaten them.
I need to complete the painting but that is on hold for a while, but I do hope to finnish it by next week if all goes well.
A wee garden around the yurt is planned for next month. Some of my clan are coming up to make it a beautiful space for plants and creative ventures. So we are looking forward to that.
Bank holidays are coming up so it will be nice to see some of you who have re-booked and new people coming to join us on our site by the river.
Many Blessings

Hot again

Hi All,

Wow another really hot day here at Contin. The river is beautiful and we can get some touching up done here on site with the old paint work. By the time we have finished I think it will be pretty colourful .haha . I may get the sack but it will be bright for sure.:-) Probably a good idea to tell me what colour to paint rather than say door needs painting or gate needs painting as I kinda get a bit carried away. So bring your sunglasses this year folks!
Blessings and safe journey

By the river

By the way thats where I will be if you need me by the river. Deborah

wow scorcher

Wow what a hot day. Thats it im going in the river for a swim. Cant dive too shallow but its so hot here I need a cooling.
Done most of the days work so its relax and chill for a while.
Blessings on your journeys. Deborah

Its back

Looked at the river this morning and its back. There it was silently watching me. The beautiful heron that visits ever year. He is a bit latter this year. I am sure I saw him sooner than this last year. We do have some rain today so I guess it is easier for him to fish here with the rain. There is a slight mist around the hill . The mixed colours of the wild flowers are blooming through. A wee purple one has come up under the Rowan tree. Looks a bit like a daisy but I have no idea what it is. Very beautiful.

Blessings Deborah

Morning Sunshine days again

Hi All,

What a lovely sunny day today it is so beautiful and hot here. Too nice to stay in side for sure. This is the first and last time today I will be using my computer. The energy of them is not good for my calm. haha. So I am going to sit by the river and soak in the beautiful sunshine. I saw two of the robins again this morning. Not sure where the other two went to but they are such beautiful birds. They really study you and are so curious.
Blessings Deborah

Looking Good

Hiya All,

Well Glamping bell tent is looking good. Inside is done apart from the bedside stands and the burner log fire which goes in tomorrow. But I have taken some pictures so far and I will try upload them tonight just to give you a quick peak inside. I just want to stay in there myself. It is so cool. Having lived in the Amazon with no furniture for some time this bell is luxury. Having said that I would be on the plane back to the Amazon in no time if I ever get another opportunity. No technology:-) yey, no furniture, no nothing just animals , trees and outside shower. Anyway take a look if not tonight then in the morning on the glamping section I hope I can get some pics on.
Blessings Deborah


Hi All,

Today was a day spent getting the things needed for the Glamping tent and tomorrow we organised the inside. We still have a few things to get to complete the inside but we are nearly there, then we can get some pictures of the inside for you to see. What we originally put inside we decided didn't work so we are in the process of changing it.

Blessings Deborah

Morning Campers

Hiya All,
A good morning to you all. Jack Frost has been around leaving his trail. The grass is glistening and there was beautiful leaf patterns on the car windows this morning. I just love it when I see that. I really do hate having to scrape the patters off the car. It is such a beautiful natural design I would have loved to have kept it all over the car apart from the windows. Can you imagine a car with a pattern like that all over the doors. Wow beautiful.. Cobwebs are highlighted with the glistening white stardust of Jack Frost, and 4 Robins came out to see me this morning and greet me. (Well actually they were greeting the seed balls I put out :-) ). but it was still nice to see. Usually I only see one at any one time. The birds are singing their chorus so harmonic better than any music you hear on the radio and so much more informative with a wisdom beyond any song..

Anyway. enough of my thoughts and experiences. Today's jobs are sorting the bed for the glamping pod we intend to put one double bed in so it will be for couples. We have more pots so some more flowers will be planted and will survive this cold spell. (The others have). I need to visit my friend again in hospital check on his progress. We need to get the mower going again but bit frosty just now.

The camp is not so busy just now due to the cold but the chalets are fully booked out so it is nice during this time to have so much time to admire the beauty of this site. By mid May we are usually really busy and I don't have so much time to sit and look at the river in stillness. But I do disappear for a while to make sure I admire the beauty of things. Autumn is my other favourite time.

Well enough for now time to get to work.
Blessings Deborah.

Sunny day

Hi All,
What a beautiful Sunny day today. We have had the kites overhead calling. The Bull roaring in the field, and the crows defending their nests from the kites. I love the sound of nature. The river is glinting like diamonds in the sun and the odd trickle of rain cleanses and nourishes the land. What more can a girl ask for.?
We have had singing in the yurt this morning and it has been a beautiful day. Chalets have been cleaned and its time for me to have some well deserved lunch..
Hope you are all having fun in the sun.
Blessings Deborah


Hi All,
Well I added some pictures on the photo site today but still having trouble with some of the larger ones. Time and stillness needed.
All will be in good time.
We are now on instagram for those of you who are interested. I hope you like the pictures that will be posted. (i am not doing this so access should be perfect).,:-)
That's the last blog for today. Had enough of computers.
Blessings Deborah

Done it(sort of)

Well I got the glamping picture on. Unfortunately it didn't go under glamping section. (must try again) It is however on the page :-) just that its under photos section camping and sunsets. So you can get some idea of the outside of the glamping at least. I will get it on the right page and with inside pictures soon.
Blessings Deborah


Oh and I almost forgot. I will get the pictures up of the glamping pod as soon as I can. I am not good with computers and am
having trouble reducing the picture size I have taken to upload so please be patient with me. :-) I promise to get them up before the season is over. They are on the camera at least :-) but that doesn't help you guys. Keep a watching the glamping page though. I will figure it out, Martyn has shown me once but my head is with the fairies rather than technology. :-)
Blessings Deborah