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Beautiful Saturday morning

Hi Everyone,
What a glorious day today. It may be a wee bit cold but I love looking at the river this time of day. Its usually pretty peaceful.But hey there is work to do Mart has to relay the wifi wire and trunking as either the dog or rabbits decided to make a feast of the last one. I got some varnishing to do today and the usual many things like cleaning etc. It keeps us busy and we enjoy it which is the main thing.
Been visiting a friend in hospital who is thankfully recovering so I am in and out of the site so if I am not here when you arrive please find a pitch and pitch up I will be along later.
Blessings Deborah

snow on the hills

Hi All,
Well I must say the views on the way to Contin are spectacular . There is still snow on the hills and the sun trying to shine through.
I had previously been potting plants, thinking we may just have April showers but April Snows. mmmm . The flowers seem to be surviving though which is good. Today is nice and the river as usual is so peaceful and calming. Trying not to fall asleep. :-) .The birds are singing their awesome songs and as usual I love to see the wild life here. The bunnies are darting around I catch the odd one every now and then when they think I am not around. (by catch I mean see not literally catch them). Think that would take me all day.:-)
All the best for now and hope you all enjoying Scotland in all its many changes from snow, rain to sun.
Blessings Deborah

This year

We would just like to reconfirm that our site is small. We have NO hard standings at least not this year. The slope to our camp is inclined please see picture on home page which I will be installing shortly. Therefore we cannot accept large heavy caravans. Anything larger than 4 wheels will probably be too much for our grounds. Please be aware of this before you book.
Many thanks
Deborah and Martyn

We are open

Hi Everyone,
Well here we go for another year of camping. Happy Easter to you all.
It has been a long cold and somewhat snowy time so the refurbishments and painting have all been done in this last week.
Today was a sunny day but still very cold. Its great to be open again and I hope to see a lot of people returning to this beautiful wee gem of a site, and of course to welcoming the new.

I am doing the site myself this year so I will pretty much be around all the time as I have a few projects I wish to get off the ground with the site.

Looking forward to meeting you again.
Blessings Deborah

New Year

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick entry to say hope you had a great Christmas and are having a good New Year so far.
Last year saw Jason running our site and from the comments he seems to have done a good job.
He did have one episode where he was chasing a loose ferret that had escaped around the camp site.
So it was a bit of a carry on. he spent most of the night chasing it and trying to catch it. It was getting into the tents. So the morel of this story is if you dont want a ferret in your tent keep it zipped up. I think Jason caught it in the end. Thanks
Blessings Deborah