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Fresh new day

Hi all,
After all the past few weeks of heat we are now experiencing the fog. My mum would say spooky but then I think maybe she has caught sight of a few too many Zombie movies where they come out of the ocean or the mist. Myself. I like its cool dampness. Some may say "I cant see a thing" maybe, maybe not. But you can be sure it always clears and things become sharp again. It certainly makes you a lot more aware and alert and sharp trying to see your path through it. Out of Zombie mode. Wake up time. Its not just the fog I am talking about.
So the roads to Riverside Contin have been foggy but the site is clear. It is warm here and I think it will be hotter later.
The Robins are still around and the blue tits are back , though not in the roof. There seem to be a few unusual birds around now . I don't know what they are.
The past few days after the Bank Holiday have been peaceful. I managed to get in a wee drum session by the River when no one was around and a few ducks came in to say hello.
This Sunday will see us doing another mantra session in the yurt from 11. to 1pm .For love, peace and healing. Sometimes people have major releases of past issues which no longer serve them. A freeing from pain and suffering and this can come out in all sorts of ways. If you arrive during the Sunday morning please do not be alarmed if you hear a shout , crying or howl just know someone has let go of their pain and suffering.

We are working on the surrounding ground to the Bell tent creating a path just now and strimming needs to be completed by the weekend. I just need to figure out how to replace the plastic cutting rope.

The cobb is to be knocked down and we are re-thinking what to do about that.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday.
Blessings Deborah

garden shower

Hi all,
Well here we are again another amazingly hot day at Riverside Contin. The sun is out the birds are a chirping and stuffing their beaks. The rabbits are still trying to get into the metal shed.
Mart was "trimming" the spruce trees. Never felt more part of nature than today. I was the one under him holding the ladder. He got a bit carried away. Girls when a man is up a ladder make sure you not under it. When a man plays with his tools you dont want to be anywhere near him. I had more of the tree over me than anywhere else. I got spruce in my hair down my neck and all over the place. I felt more and more like a fairy with every minute as the spruce tree rained down all over me. It dont matter where I stood down it rained. A very interesting moment for sure. I think I am still picking bits out of my hair. But I am certainly one with nature for sure. I think I need to go and spruce up a bit :-)
Blessings Deborah

Busy days

Hi All,
Well we have had a couple of busy days. So I am a bit slack with the blog. Lots of people lots of work and loads of birds. New ones coming in all the time plus a few ducks I spotted swimming past. The birds are getting fat on the bird seed. Maybe I should slow down the feed a bit and let them feed on what is around now.
The sun has been constant here and I love it .
We seem to have had a lot of children this weekend which is unusual for our site as we do not have much here for children to do as we a small site, but they seem to be entertaining themselves and loving it so all is good.

Safe journeys onwards.
Blessings Deborah

beautiful Scotland

Hi All,
We have been really lucky here in Scotland. the Sun has been out on the campsite for over a week now .Very hot and Scotland is so beautiful as I am sure you will agree.. We hope you are enjoying your stay with us and will come back again soon.
Blessings D


Was a real scorcher of a day today every one was sitting in the sun.
Some of my clan arrived and we managed to create a beautiful garden around the yurt. It was a fun filled day of heavy labour , digging and planting. Thanks girls. It was wonderful sitting out there. I gave Buddha a bath and he is sat there smiling away now. He was a gift from a friend so he has his own place created for him .
Some more pictures will be on site sometime next week.
Blessings Deborah

hot and sunny

Hi All,
It has been very hot again on site. Got the lawnmower going today but it has really had it. It keeps chucking out grass so its time to save up for a new one. Hope to get one for next year. Was also disappointed a bit today as the blue tits seem to have vacated the roof. The sparrows are still there but not one blue tit anywhere. Didnt think different bird food would make too much difference. It appears it does. So my first trip tomorrow will be town for some tit food. or maybe it was just the drone of the mower and the smell of the petrol. I felt pretty sick after with that smell. We will see tomorrow if they are around. Just now it is only sparrows going in and out the loft.
Looking forward to creating the garden the weekend so it will be a full on weekend again.
The river is still a bit low due to all the sun we are having. I cant complain its great. :-)
Blessings Deborah

beautiful day

Hi Campers,
What a lovely warm day today for sitting in the sun. I got to take a wee break by the bell tent today and check out the river. Its waters were a bit low but beautiful none the less. Its a full site tonight but still very peaceful .I notice the lawn needs a mow again, but am reluctant as I dont want to disturb the peace plus it would be daft zig zaging in and out of the campers pitches. So longish grass is there to stay for the weekend at least.

Chalet 2 which we dont use for clients has the birds nesting in the roof again. They have been doing this for the past few years. At the end of each year I go to fix it so they cant go in. It gets freezing and I want to set up some kind of hot perch for them outside with a shelter their poor little legs must get frozen. But of course I dont set that up. One year I will get something sorted but until then. I have decided to leave them in the loft of the chalet/reception. Talk about the phrase bats in your belfry . I got tits in my loft.! I love to watch them pop in and out. and know they have a warm place to stay when it gets cold. Guess you could say I have a loft avary . Not sure it will do the loft any good but I will sort that out when I get them a winter external warm perch sorted.
Enjoy your stay and dont forget to check out the yellow hut by the car park to see the birds in the loft.
Blessings Deborah