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Morning Campers

Hiya All,
A good morning to you all. Jack Frost has been around leaving his trail. The grass is glistening and there was beautiful leaf patterns on the car windows this morning. I just love it when I see that. I really do hate having to scrape the patters off the car. It is such a beautiful natural design I would have loved to have kept it all over the car apart from the windows. Can you imagine a car with a pattern like that all over the doors. Wow beautiful.. Cobwebs are highlighted with the glistening white stardust of Jack Frost, and 4 Robins came out to see me this morning and greet me. (Well actually they were greeting the seed balls I put out :-) ). but it was still nice to see. Usually I only see one at any one time. The birds are singing their chorus so harmonic better than any music you hear on the radio and so much more informative with a wisdom beyond any song..

Anyway. enough of my thoughts and experiences. Today's jobs are sorting the bed for the glamping pod we intend to put one double bed in so it will be for couples. We have more pots so some more flowers will be planted and will survive this cold spell. (The others have). I need to visit my friend again in hospital check on his progress. We need to get the mower going again but bit frosty just now.

The camp is not so busy just now due to the cold but the chalets are fully booked out so it is nice during this time to have so much time to admire the beauty of this site. By mid May we are usually really busy and I don't have so much time to sit and look at the river in stillness. But I do disappear for a while to make sure I admire the beauty of things. Autumn is my other favourite time.

Well enough for now time to get to work.
Blessings Deborah.


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