05 04 2017
Hi Everyone,

Riverside caravan, camp and chalet park is open again. For those who don't know about our wee hidden gem of a caravan camp site it is just through the car park of the shop in Contin and on your way to Ullapool a good place as a first stop for the 500.

The river is beautiful this time of year and I have again spotted the heron that likes to fish on our stretch of the river.

We have another site warden and a new cleaner for our site this year so we hope you will be as happy this year as other years for those who continue to return each year and those who are visiting for a first time.

The painting is all getting up to scratch again. This is a constant each year due to the changing conditions of sun and rain. The flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are making themselves known as well as the odd bunny. Just in time for Easter.
We are looking forward to a hot year this year and hope Easter will be nice enough so I can take a dip in the river or we can try out Martyns 2 man canoe thing. I think if we both get on it will probably sink so don't laugh if you see that.
Looking forward to seeing you on site. Blessings Deborah


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