Year End

01 01 2017
Hi Everyone,

Welcome back. The blog is up and running again and it is great to be able to fill you all in on what will be happening for
this up and coming New Year. With this in mind I would first like to wish each and everyone of you a very
Happy and Prosperous New Year. Welcome in 2017..
The Phoenix has been up all year ready for the next. (Phoenix being the yurt). I think this will be the year of the Phoenix so if
any of you require a nice Indian head massage or reflexology treatment this New Year then don't forget to book in advance when you book your holiday with us.
We look forward to seeing again our regulars and hope to greet many new people from all over the globe.
All the best to your all. Blessings. Deborah.
Will inform you soon of the events at site.


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