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Hi Guys,
Well its a lot cooler today here at Riverside Contin Camp.Gave me a chance to do the strimming . I started the other day but it was much to hot. So didnt do too much. Went to get a new strimmer as our tools are rubbish asked for a light weight easy to use strimmer. What did they give me a heavy weight hard to pull strimmer , Im stood there pulling this thing in and out with no engine igniting . Story of my life with garden tools. With an end that is hard to get off. the wire coming out is like an inch so its not cutting much. Anyway its good for the arm muscles keeps the biceps, toned to keep away what some call "bat wings" not sure why they called that as bats have rather a slow flapping with their wings. Oh the other name I heard them called is "bingo Wings"!!?? what the hell are bingo wings? I dont even play bingo :-) I prefer the name cat flaps as they flap a little faster. Especially with a heavy vibrating strimmer. Boy my hands are still tingling from the vibration. Also noted I kept changing hands from left to right as the weight striming up hill is difficult and heavy. pulls on the lower back muscles. So think in future those that do petrol strimming will get a reduction for the back massage therapies as now I know how it feels. Anyway I am not moaning. As usual I am observing from my weird perception.
The stork has been seen again. Half the grass has been cut and buttercups and daisys left intact so you wont get your usual regimental lines. The mower is still chucking out the grass so at least it gets a good mulch if nothing else.
But hey its cool today the midges are nowhere to be seen which is great. Actually I have been lucky this year I have not been bitten once. They are not usually bad anyway but when you get a few they usually aim for me .

My dog is running around again like a mental demented wolf after having her stitches removed from her paw and being able to go out again. So thats a good sign not the mental bit but the recovery :-)

Im looking forward to doing a wee bit of touring around myself end of this month. There are a few local cairns and waterfalls I wish to visit again so Martyn will be around when I am not.

Pleasant journeys. Enjoy your time in Scotland as it is amazing the sun we are having here.Indeed those traveling this year to Contin and around this area are lucky with the sun for sure.
Blessings Deborah


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